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In 2009, a3 –australian arts alive embarked on a joint venture with Catholic Education Sandhurst to run song and movement workshops in regional Victoria. In 2011 we were delighted to expand our delivery into the Diocese of Broken Bay and Parramatta in New South Wales and to Wagga Wagga in 2016.

Each program begins with a Professional Development day for all of the teachers who will be involved in the sessions. Two a3 team members then visit each school once a fortnight, to prepare for an end of programme performance. Students learn popular and sacred songs, get active with fun and high energy dances, learn performance skills, develop confidence and practise teamwork

The Sandhurst, Wagga Wagga and Broken Bay Diocese chose a program that sees their schools split up into three groups; each school receive four visits throughout an allocated term. The Parramatta Diocese designed their program differently, selecting 12 schools who each receive ten visits over a twenty week period

The teachers involved in the programs learn alongside their students and receive support so that they can continue implementing the activities in their classrooms. Many teachers have reported that they use the skills they have learnt throughout the a3 program in their everyday classroom activities and that students have performed songs they have learnt at other events such as assemblies and graduations. Teachers have also been delighted with the increased participation in the performing arts at their schools specifically reporting on the number of students joining new and existing school choirs.

At the end of the program the students and teachers all come together for a final performance where they get the opportunity to present their song and dance items. The performances feature both popular and sacred works, choreographed movement, dance, drama and opportunities for featured vocal and speaking roles for students, and conducting roles for the teachers.

“The first phase of a3 on our turf has been exceptional. Everything that I imagined and hoped for has been realised….There is nothing like a sea of faces of totally engaged performers to give totally honest and in this case positive feedback. It was just extraordinary. I am receiving rapturous positivism everywhere I go, from teachers and families, about the a3 program and what it is doing for EVERY student.”
Alan Bowyer, Director of Schools, Catholic Schools Office Wagga Wagga

"The partnership with a3 enables Sandhurst to provide first class tuition to students and teachers in the Choral Arts at their schools. This is a real winner for a rural diocese. Staff and students are alive with the experience! It has re-ignited the arts in our schools. a3 are wonderful partners - exceptional standards of delivery, open to our needs and our ideas - an extraordinary partnership that is life-giving for all involved!"
Phil Billington, Former Director of Catholic Education, Catholic Education Office Sandhurst.

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