a3’s dynamic dance workshops encourage all students to get active and have fun as they develop coordination, confidence and fitness. Available as a one-off specialist led session or workshop series, our approach encourages skill acquisition and inspires engagement. We can choreograph your show or simply get your students moving.

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  • The high energy, positive environment encourages all boys and girls to participate, regardless of dance experience.
  • Programs can cover your curriculum requirements both in PE and Health and the Arts.
  • Routines are designed to be copied quickly and easily and memorised after only a few sessions.
  • Development of core rhythm, coordination and musicality skills.
  • Sessions can cover hip hop, jazz, funk, contemporary, swing, rock’n’roll, bush dancing and disco.
  • Based on the Raw Energy Dance Education (REDed) program which was devised by Dale Pope, a Sydney choreographer and performer with extensive industry experience.
  • Experienced and engaging tutors
  • Excellent classroom management

Junior Primary, Middle Primary and Upper Primary

Programs usually run for 4 – 8 weeks, however shorter programs or one-off workshops are also available.


Watch a REDed Routine Watch a REDed Routine