Our Story

Driven by the desire to offer all school students and teachers the opportunity to experience song,  dance and drama,
a3 – australian arts alive was launched by the Australian School of Performing Arts in 2008.

a3 is the second of two branches of the Australian School of Performing Arts, the first being the Australian Girls Choir, which has built a reputation as the most dynamic girls’ choir in the country, and has over 30 years of providing high quality education and wonderful performance opportunities to many thousands of girls.

Numerous studies have shown that song, dance and drama are deeply cognitive experiences that develop skills crucial for young peoples’ futures – the ability to think creatively, communicate clearly, work collaboratively and deal with complexity. a3 designs accessible and dynamic programs that engage students of all ages and abilities and teachers of all levels of experience, and can also meet curriculum or performance outcome needs.

As educators, we have seen time and time again the benefit of exposing students to the performing arts, in terms of developing their skills, but also growing confidence, practising teamwork, working towards a goal, as well as a means of expression. Building the capacity of classroom teachers and specialist teachers to engage their students in the performing arts is a priority for a3.

Over the past nine years a3 has engaged thousands of students and teachers throughout Australia, providing performing arts workshops and programs, creating choreography for school concerts, directing school musicals and facilitating professional development sessions for teachers.